PVC windows

Oknoplan presents its products. Our guide is going to help you choose windows best adapted to your needs.

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Additional components:

  • invisible hinges
  • multi-stage tilt
  • blocked incorrect handle position
  • opening brake in the handles
  • friction opening brake
  • balcony latch with a handrail
  • fan-light opener
  • special handles with keys
  • special handles with buttons
  • WK 1 anti-break in fittings
  • WK 2 anti-break in fittings
  • air intake sets
  • burglar-proof windows
  • sound-absorbing panes
  • ornamental and frosted panes
  • colour and reflex panes
  • structural bars and muntins
  • thermal panes with heat effective frames
  • mosquito nets
  • windowsills

We are offering you a wide range of highest quality PVC windows at very attractive prices.

Our PVC windows are manufactured from German lead-free sections. They are characterised by:

  • highest quality workmanship,
  • innovative functional solutions,
  • safety,
  • energy savings.

The profiles have solid support and their width is 70 or 88. We use highest quality fittings in our windows as well as burglar-proof fittings for the most demanding customers.

The chamber structure of our windows makes them lightweight as well. However, they also have solid support: galvanised steel reinforcement installed inside the profiles.

We use the most advanced solutions for glass units in the balcony doors and windows that we manufacture – a double-glazing unit with heat transfer coefficient K=1.0 and triple-glazed units (two-chamber pane) with heat transfer coefficients K= 0,7 and K=0,5.

The solutions and materials used for our PVC windows guarantee excellent acoustic insulation.

The advantages of our PVC windows:

  • functionality,
  • a wide range of shapes,
  • a wide range of colours,
  • easy maintenance,
  • economy (no need to paint),
  • resistance to weather conditions,
  • durability.

Aside from PVC windows, we also use this material to manufacture:

  • balcony doors,
  • sliding terrace doors,
  • office space partition walls,
  • shop windows,
  • balcony enclosing.

We also recommend our assembly services – standard and heat efficient, multi-layer installation – for our woodwork, performed by our highly skilled assembly teams.