Your windows on the world

Oknoplan Construction Woodwork Factory is a recognized manufacturer of PVC and aluminium doors and windows. Our company has been operating and expanding rapidly since 1996.

We purchased land in Krakow and built our own production facility in 2009. We systematically equip our factory in modern machinery which allows us to offer cutting edge products at good prices to our customers. We carefully select the best raw materials suppliers and technologies, we train our staff.

We are confident enough of the quality of our products confirmed by many certyficates,
that we provide an up to 10 years’ warranty on them.

We treat our trading partners very seriously which allows us to establish new contacts and expand the distribution network. Our products already reach customers from all over Poland as well as foreign markets. We have customers in: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and other countries.

We keep competing in new markets owing to our individual approach to the customer. We guarantee that every order is completed according to the customer’s intention.

Our highly skilled and experienced employees comply with all commitments reliably and on time. We attach great importance to completing all orders at the agreed time.

We recommend our products to everyone facing the decision ‘What windows should I choose?’. Their broad diversity provides vast opportunities of combining shapes of windows and doors, their colours, types of used panes, fittings and many other elements. This makes our offer satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. All of this is presented by the photographs of our projects.

We have serviced thousands of customers and institution over more than a decade of our operating activity. All of them were satisfied with our products and services, which is proved by the numerous references.