Knowledge base

Panes in our windows

Panes in our windows are adapted to the customer’s individual needs in terms of: thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, protection from injury, protection from burglary, sunlight protection, colour. Thermal insulation panes The currently produced thermal insulation panes reach an average value … Czytaj więcej

Guidance on cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning the panes Glass has delicate surface, that’s why you should not remove dirt from it using hard or sharp objects. You should use regular household cleaning products or other products dissolved in water. Remains of mortar and other closely … Czytaj więcej

Mould in the apartment

Mould is one of the greatest problems encountered in thermo-modernisation of buildings. Housing communities receive hundreds of notifications about mould appearing on walls every year. Inhabitants expect that mould shall be removed. Is this the administrator’s fault? How to handle … Czytaj więcej

Advantages of PVC windows

They are weather-resistant. They are resistant to mould and insects. High durability of the white colour. In spite of the short life span of the technology, there are more than 30-years-old PVC windows in Germany. In case of white windows … Czytaj więcej

Safety of inhabitants

We offer windows with increased burglary protection. This particularly refers to apartments on ground floors of buildings. Burglary protection is important as it takes 20 seconds to force a normal window – yes, this is horrible – this is just … Czytaj więcej

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like you to rise from your seat, come close to your window and take a close look at it. You could think: it’s just a window, it opens, maybe even tilts, what else could I do with it? … Czytaj więcej