Balcony and terrace enclosing – a smart choice

We offer lightweight sliding elements for enclosing balconies and terraces manufactured using the Copal (frame) system and the frameless system. They might also be used for enclosing porches, vestibules, creating lightweight interior partition walls (in offices) or dressing rooms and built-in wardrobes.

Enclosing in the lightweight Copal system provides:

  • excellent protection from dust, wind and atmospheric fall,
  • additional usable floor space – a summer room,
  • perfect space for recreation and leisure in rainy and windy days,
  • additional warming of your apartment in autumn, winter and spring.

Advantages of the sliding elements manufactured in this system:

  • easy disassembly of windows in order to wash them (the windows are taken out of the guide tracks,
  • an opportunity to install block locks and other measures of anti-break in protection,
  • long useful economic life,
  • easy cleaning without the need of any maintenance.

We offer silver anodized finish profiles and provide powder painted RAL profiles in any colour upon request.

The elements in the frameless system are manufactured from aluminium frames and toughened glass.

Toughened glass is very resistant to adverse weather conditions and guarantees a high level of safety when broken.

This system also allows for an arrangement of windows making a completely invisible and smooth surface. Application of this system provides a very modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance of a building without interference to the original façade architecture.


Offer for wholesalers

Oknoplan is also a wholesaler of aluminium profiles and accessories of the Copal system. Considering that the system’s simple structure does not require advanced tools and our company might provide technological support, you can choose between:

  • only purchasing the profiles and accessories, or
  • receipt in the form of tailor-made elements that only require assembly on site.

The latter form makes it a lot easier to begin cooperation as it does not result in investment charges on the cooperating company’s side.

Our price of the system as well as the well-tried and simple structure result in an interesting offer, and the excellent quality of the profiles and accessories guarantees years of fail-safe performance.

The Copal anodized finish profiles make a lightweight and long-lasting system with advanced functional features and aesthetic value. All of the profiles are manufactured from PN-complying aluminium alloy. The entire construction consists of silver anodized finish aluminium profiles. The anodized (protected against oxidation) aluminium guarantees long-lasting aesthetic appearance of the surface and requires no maintenance.

The special designed system of frame profiles consisting in hooking adjacent sliding elements with an additional textile gasket as well as the drainage system effectively protect against rain, snow, wind and reduce noise to a considerable degree. The lower guide track involves a technological slope combined with outlet openings that guarantee drainage of rainwater from the track. Moreover, an additional drip located on the external side of the guide track performs an important function in case of water vapour condensation under high temperature differences, in particular in winter.

We look forward to cooperating with you! All you need to do is call us or write to us!