PVC Renovation windows

Product Description

PVC windows with renovation frames allow to install windows without the need to disassemble old casing. This solution consists in using special renovation frames that involve a wooden frame by making a characteristic band inside with cover profiles on the outside. There is no need to disassemble old wooden casing. Such assembly protects the building façade from damage, speeds up the window replacement process and eliminates the need for some of the finishing works. This system is very popular on the French market.

  • Number of chambers: 5
  • Frame width: 70 mm
  • Glazing: double-glazed unit 4/16/4/(argon)
  • Gaskets: 2
  • Heat transfer coefficient: 1,25 W/m²K (for a reference window)
  • Standard elements: fitting with increased anti-break in security parameters, micro-ventilation