Guidance on cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning the panes

Glass has delicate surface, that’s why you should not remove dirt from it using hard or sharp objects. You should use regular household cleaning products or other products dissolved in water. Remains of mortar and other closely adjacent substances should not be removed using a wet brush or sponge, but rather carefully scraped away with a razor blade fitting tight to the pane. Never use aggressive or abrasive products!

Cleaning the gaskets

APTK gaskets are grey, which is necessary on account of resistance to sunlight and adverse weather conditions. Slight discolouring might appear in new gaskets at first. This can be removed using normal household cleaning products and water. In no case should gaskets be cleaned with solvents!

Cleaning plastic frames

Brugmann MZ 285 cleaning product might be used for cleaning plastic window frames. Household application products might be used as well. We recommend products such as Prill, Dor, Ajax, Ten, etc. combined with water, just as it is done in many households. In no case might dirt be removed with use of solvents. This is going to damage the surface and dirt is only going to permeate the frame. Moreover, this is going to dissolve stabilising and lightfast substances on the surface, which leads to discolouring and damage to the surface.

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